Daniel Zamir

Daniel Zamir is probably one of the most influencial and busy musicians in Israel. Zamir is a virtuoso sax player / composer of what could be defined as “Jewish Jazz”, fusing together elements of Jewish sounds and high quality jazz, together with ethnic and world music elements. Zamir’s albums are the most successful jazz albums ever to be recorded in Israel, with high acclaim from the media and critics and with tremendous sellings (“Amen”, released in 2006 sold over 12000 copies in Israel only – the most selling jazz album in Israel ever!). Zamir has performed and recorded with the biggest names in Israel’s pop and rock scene, such as Eviatar Banai, Beri Sacharoff, Ehud Banai, Yoni Rechter and more. Zamir has been performing as a special guest with Reggae Meggastar Matisyahu on his European tours and in the US. Both of them performed together with Sting on his last visit to Israel in 2006.

Zamir has recorded 4 albums on John Zorn’s “Tzadik” label, the last one included Joey Baron, Uri Caine and Greg Cohen. Zamir performed with John Zorn’s Masada and Electric Masada numerous times in Israel and the US, and is considered by Zorn to be one of the most interesting and important sax player of our generation. Zamir (32) won the 2010 Prime Minister Award for outstanding jazz composers, the youngest musician ever to win the prestigious award.


A short biography:

1980 – Born in Israel.

1996 – Graduates “Thelma Yellin” high school of arts with excellence in jazz studies.

2000 – Debut album for “Tzadik” records, “Satlah”, produced by John Zorn and features Zorn as a guest artist.

2001 – Second album for Tzadik, “Exodus”, produced by John Zorn and features Zorn as a guest artist.

2001 – Graduates “New School University”, NY, BFA in Jazz performance

2000-2002 tours Europe and the States, performs at major festivals in France (MIMI Festival, Marseilles), Poland (Krakow Jewish Culture Festival + extensive tour, including selling out at the “Blue Note” in Poznan), Italy (Klezmer Express, Verona), UK (double bill with John Zorn, London), Washington, DC, Chicago, IL, Israel and more.

CD's reviewed by Wire magazine (UK), Jazzman (France), Jazziz (US), Wall Street Journal and other magazines from Poland, Russia, Japan and more

2002 – Third album for Tzadik, “Children of Israel”

2003 – Performs at the Israel Festival, Jerusalem.

Extensive US tour with Reggae superstar Matisyahu

2003 – Co-produces “great Jewish Composers – Sasha Argov” for Tzadik together with John Zorn.

Participates in Masada’s anniversary compilation album. 

2004 - Returns to Israel, becomes one of Israel’s leading jazz talents with high recognition from the audience and the media.

2005- Extensive US and European tour with Reggae superstar Matisyahu

2006 – Releases “Amen”, most selling Israeli Jazz album ever (over 13,000 copies in Israel only) for Israeli label, “8th Note Records”.

Performs with Matisyahu and Sting at the Ramat Gan Stadium, Israel, in front of 40,000 viewers.

2008- Releases “I Believe” for Tzadik, with Joey Baron, Greg Cohen and Uri Caine

At this point and on Zamir starts to Collaborate with many of Israel's rock / pop / mainstream musicians: Eviatar Banai, Yoni Rechter, Shlomo Gronich, Berri Sakharoff, Ehud Banai, Amir Benayun, Danny Sanderson and many more. By that he becomes one of the only Jazz musicians in the world to be constantly collaborating with mainstream popular musicians.

2009- Releases “One” in Israel (8th Note Records)

2010- Releases “Missing Here” in Israel (8th Note Records)

Tours Israel with drums virtuoso Mark Guiliana

Also in 2010, Zamir wons the Prime Minister Award for excellent Jazz composer, an award that is given to one musician each year.

2012 – Releases "Song for Comfort" in Israel (High Fidelity Distribution), featuring Mark Guiliana and Shai Maestro in the rhythm section, and Yoni Rechter, Berri Sakharoff and Matisyahu as special guests.

2013-2015 tours the worls, from Canada to Russia, including Poland, Ukraine, Australia, South Africa, France, Germany and more.