The Best hg40nc693dfxza of 2021 – Top 10 and Rankings

If you’re looking for hg40nc693dfxza but don’t know which one is the best, we recommend the first out of 10 hg40nc693dfxza in this article. Check out how we decide after hours of researching and comparing dozens of items on the market.

Rank No. #1
Power Cord Cable for Samsung HG40NC693DFXZA HG48NC677DFXZA HG48NC670DFXZA
  • 100% Brand New, High Quality AC Power Cord
  • USA standard power cable design
  • Cable Length: 6 feet == 1.8 meters
  • Safety Features: Over current protection; Total power protection; Over voltage protection; Short Circuit Protection.
  • Manufactured with the highest quality materials. Certification: FCC, CE and RoHS.
Rank No. #3
Samsung 470 HG40NJ470MF 40" LED-LCD TV - HDTV - Black Hairline
  • HG40NJ470MFXZA - 470 Series 40"
  • Direct-lit LED provides uniform brightness and energy savings
  • Conveniently manage content with Samsung LYNK REACH 4.0
  • Get maximum security with Samsung LYNK HD Content Decryption DRM
  • Versatile viewing thanks to a swivel stand that rotates 20, 60 and 90 degrees in both directions
Rank No. #4
RM-GD032 Replaced Remote fit for Sony TV KDL-32W700B KDL-42W700B KDL-32W705B KDL-32W705B KDL-42W705B KDL-42W705B KDL-32W706B KDL-42W706B KDL-32W707B KDL 32W707B KDL-42W707B KDL-42W707B
  • RM-GD032 Replaced Remote, fit for Sony TV: KDL-32W700B KDL-42W700B KDL-32W705B KDL-32W705B KDL-42W705B KDL-42W705B KDL-32W706B KDL-42W706B KDL-32W707B KDL-32W707B KDL-42W707B KDL-42W707B KDL-42W800B KDL-42W805B KDL-42W805B KDL-42W807B KDL-42W815B KDL-42W815B KDL-42W817B ;
  • KDL-42W828B KDL-42W829B KDL-50W700B KDL-50W790B KDL-50W790B KDL-50W800B KDL-50W805B KDL-50W805B KDL-50W807B KDL-50W808B KDL-50W815B KDL-50W817B KDL-50W828B KDL-50W829B KDL-55W790B KDL-55W800B KDL 55W800B KDL-55W805B KDL 55W808B KDL-55W808B KDL-55W815B KDL-55W817B;
  • KDL-55W828B KDL-55W829B KDL-55W855B KDL-55W857B KDL-70W850B KDL-60W850B KDL-50W850B KDL-70W840B KDL-60W840B KDL-50W840B KDL-70W830B KDL-60W830B KDL-50W830B KDL-70W800B;
  • Basic ir remote; Easy to use ; no programming needed;
  • Battery Typte it needs install: AAA;
Rank No. #5
New BN59-00852A Replace LCD TV Remote fit for Samsung LN40B550 LN40B550K1F LN40B610 LN40B610A5F LN40B610A5FXZC LN46B550K1F LN46B610 LN46B610A5F LN52B550 LN52B610 LN52B610A5F LN55B650 LN55B650T1F
  • New BN59-00852A Replaced Remote fit for Samsung LCD TV.
  • Work with below TV models: LN32B550 LN32B550K1F LN32B550K1FUZA LN32B550K1FXZA LN32B550K1FXZC LN32B640 LN32B640R3F LN32B640R3FXZA LN32B640R3FXZC LN37B550 LN37B550K1F LN37B550K1FXZA LN37B550K1FXZC LN40B550 LN40B550K1F LN40B550K1FUZA LN40B550K1FXZC LN40B610 LN40B610A5F LN40B610A5FUZA LN40B610A5FXZA LN40B610A5FXZC LN46B550K1F LN46B550K1FUZA LN46B550K1FXZA LN46B550K1FXZC LN46B610 LN46B610A5F LN46B610A5FUZA LN46B610A5FXZA LN46B610A5FXZC
  • LN52B550 LN52B550K1F LN52B550K1FXZA LN52B550K1FXZC LN52B610 LN52B610A5F LN52B610A5FXZA LN52B610A5FXZC LN55B650 LN55B650T1F PN42B450B1DX2A PN50B50T5F PN50B550 PN50B550T2F PN50B550T2FXZA PN50B550T2FXZC PN50B560 PN50B560T5F PN50B560T5FXZA PN58B50T5F PN58B550 PN58B550T2 PN58B550T2F PN58B550T2FXZA PN58B550T2FXZC PN58B560 PN58B560T5 PN58B560T5F PN58B560T5FXZA PN63B550 PN63B550T2F PN63B550T2FXZA PN63B550T2FXZC PN63B590 PN63B590T5F PN63B590T5FXZA PN6B550T2F PN6B590T5F PNB550TF PNB590T5F
  • IR REMOTE; just need install new battery to use;
  • New replaced remote; No program required;just need install new battery to use;
Rank No. #6
Beyution Replacement Remote Control BN59-01041A fit for Samsung TV LN40C630K1FXZC LN40C630 LN40C630K1F LN40C630K1FXZA LN40D610 LN46C550 LN46C550J LN46C550J1F LN46C550J1FXZA LN46C550J1FXZC (BN5901041A)
  • Replacment TV Remote Control BN59-01041A fit for Samsung LED LCD TV.
  • Do not need any program, only put into new battery can work well.
  • Compatible with below tv models: LN40C630K1FXZC LN40C630 LN40C630K1F LN40C630K1FXZA LN40D610 LN46C550 LN46C550J LN46C550J1F LN46C550J1FXZA LN46C550J1FXZC LN46C550J1FXZX LN46C600F3F LN46C610 LN46C610N LN46C610N1F LN46C610N1FXZA LN46C10N1FXZC LN46C600 LN46C630 LN46C630K1F LN46C630K1FXZA LN46C630K1FXZC LN46D630M3FX LN55C610 LN55C610N1F LN55C610N1FXZA LN55C610N1FXZC LN55C630 LN55C630K1F LN55C630K1FXZA LN55C630K1FXZC LN55C630K1FXZX
  • LN60C630 LN60C630K1F LN60C630K1FXZA PL50C550 PL50C550G1F PL50C550G1FXZX PL50C590G4FXZC PN50C550 PN50C550G1F PN50C550G1FXZA PN50C550G1FXZC PN50C590 PN50C590G4F PN50C590G4FXZA PN50C590G4FXZC PN58C550 PN58C550G1 PN58C550G1F PN58C550G1FXZA PN58C550G1FXZC PN58C590 PN58C590G4F PN58C590G4FXZA PN58C590G4FXZC PN63C550 PN63C550G1F PN63C550G1FXZA PN63C590 PN63C590G4F PN63C590G4FXZA UN32C5000 UN32C5000QF UN32C5000QFXZA UN32C5000QFXZC UN32C5000QFXZP UN32C5000QFXZX UN37C5000 UN37C5000QF UN37C5000QFXZA
  • UN37C5000QFXZC UN37C5000QFXZX UN37C5000QF UN40C5000 UN40C5000QF UN40C5000QFXZA UN40C5000QFXZC UN40C5000QFXZX UN40C5100 UN40C5100QFXZC UN40C6300 UN40C6300SF UN40C6300SFXZA UN40C6300SFXZC UN46C5000 UN46C5000QF UN46C5000QFXZA UN46C5000QFXZC UN46C5000QFXZX UN46C6300 UN46C6300SF UN46C6300SFXZA UN46C6300SFXZC UN55C5000 UN55C5000QF UN55C5000QFXZA UN55C5000QFXZC UN55C6300 UN55C6300SF UN55C6300SFXZA UN55C6300SFXZC UN60C6300 UN60C6300SF UN60C6300SFXZA UN60C6300SFXZC LN40D630M3F LN40D630M3FXZA LN32C550J1F
Rank No. #7
Replacement Remote Control for The New RM-YD075 Sony TV. Suitable for Sony KDL-40EX640 KDL-40EX645 KDL-46EX640 KDL-46EX641 KDL-46EX645 KDL-50EX645 KDL-55EX645 KDL-55EX640 KDL-60EX645
  • ►Completely replace the Sony RM-YD075 TV remote control without any program.
  • ►This is the best replacement remote when your original remote is broke or got lost.
  • ►It is easy to operate and use without programming or pairing, and the keys are sensitive.
  • ►High-quality alternative remote control, suitable for KDL-40EX640 KDL-40EX645 KDL40EX645 KDL40EX640 KDL-46EX641 KDL-46EX645 KDL-46EX640 KDL46EX641 KDL46EX645 KDL46EX640 KDL-50EX645 KDL50EX645 KDL-55EX640 KDL-55EX645 KDL55EX640 KDL55EX645 KDL60EX645 KDL-60EX645
  • ►Amazon warehouse delivery, fast delivery! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us, thank you!
Rank No. #8
Accessory USA AC Power Cord for Sony Bravia KDL-40XBR KDL-46XBR,KDL-40XBR2 KDL-40XBR3,KDL-40XBR4 KDL-40XBR5,KDL-46XBR3,KDL-46XBR5,KDL-52XBR2 KDL-52XBR3,KDL-52XBR5,KDL-40V2500 KDL-40VL130,KDL-40SL30
  • Safety: Our Products are CE / FCC / RoHS certified, tested by the manufacturer to match and / or exceed the OEM specifications. OVP, OCP, SCP Protection (OVP: Over Voltage output Protection. OCP: Over Current output Protection. SCP: Short Circuit output Protection)
  • This is a Brand New Replacement, High Quality Never USED (non-OEM)
  • Compatiblity: AC Power Cord For Sony Bravia KDL-40XBR KDL-46XBR,KDL-40XBR2 KDL-40XBR3,KDL-40XBR4 KDL-40XBR5,KDL-46XBR3,KDL-46XBR5,KDL-52XBR2 KDL-52XBR3,KDL-52XBR5,KDL-40V2500 KDL-40VL130,KDL-40SL30
  • Note:please make sure the model of your device before buying
Rank No. #9
New BN59-01051A Replaced Remote Control fit for Samsung Plasma LCD LED 3D HDTV Smart TV PS50C7000 UA40C7000 UA46C7000 UA55C7000 UE40C7000 UE46C7000 UE55C7000 UE65C8000 UN40C7000
  • New BN59-01051A Replaced Remote Control fit for Samsung Plasma LCD LED 3D HDTV Smart TV.
  • Pre-Programmed. No Program or Set Up Required.
  • Compatible Models with Samsung TV: PS50C7000 PS50C7700 PS50C7705 PS50C7780 PS50C7790 PS63C7000 PS63C7700 PS63C7705 PS63C7780 PS63C7790 UA40C7000 UA46C7000 UA46C8000 UA55C7000 UA55C8000 UA65C8000
  • UE40C7000 UE40C7700 UE40C7705 UE40C8000 UE40C8700 UE40C8705 UE40C8780 UE40C8790 UE46C7000 UE46C7700S UE46C7705 UE46C8000 UE46C8700 UE46C8705 UE46C8780 UE46C8790 UE46C9000 UE55C7000 UE55C7700 UE55C8000 UE55C8700 UE55C8705 UE55C8780 UE55C8790 UE55C9000 UE65C8000 UE65C8700 UE65C8705 UE65C8780 UE65C8790 UN40C7000 UN40C8000 UN46C7000 UN46C8000 UN55C8000
  • Package Included: 1 x Remote (No Battery Included)
Rank No. #10
New RM-ADP076 VINABTY Replaced Remote fit for Sony BDV-N790W BDV-N890W BDV-N890W/Z BDV-N990W BDVN790W BDVN990W AV System Home Theater System
  • new replaced remote. No need to set up;
  • just need put new battery to use;
  • The Replaced Remote RM-ADP076 fit for Sony Home Theater System BDV-N790W BDV-N890W BDV-N990W
  • Package included: 1 x Remote Control;

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